You are Police Officer John L. Madden, Badge #4568 of the 68th Precinct in Miami. You are assigned today, August 3, 2018 as the operator of Vehicle 2315, Sector Bravo of the 68th Precinct. The tour you are working is 2300 to 0700 hours, and your partner is Police Officer Benjamin E. Goodman, Badge #2179, also of the 68th Precinct. Your supervisor is Sergeant Richard T. Block, Badge #1863. The time is 2345 hours.

You have just received a radio dispatch to proceed to the Holland Highway, northbound, near Montesso Blvd. There has just been a three car traffic collision at that location with injuries. Two ambulances have also been dispatched to the scene.

You try to enter the highway at the northbound entrance at Lincoln Avenue, which is just south of Montesso Blvd., but the traffic is at a stand still due to the collision. You notify Sergeant Block of the traffic situation on the highway. He advises you to respond to the scene by entering the highway southbound at Norton Street entrance, which is just north of the scene and approach the accident from the southbound side of the highway. Further, he advises dispatch to direct the ambulances to approach the accident scene by using the southbound Jane of the highway and to dispatch 68th Precinct Sector Frank to Lincoln A venue to re-route traffic around the accident scene.

You arrive at the scene approximately ten minutes after you were dispatched. You determine additional assistance is needed for traffic control. You inform Sergeant Block, and advises dispatch to send Sector Charlie unit, Police Officer Daniel Crossman, Badge #4591 to assist you. Officer Crossman arrives approximately five minutes later and proceeds to direct traffic around the disabled vehicles from the accident. You and your partner determine there are five injured persons; the driver and only passenger in vehicle one, the driver of vehicle two and the passenger and driver of vehicle three. You then gather the following information.

1. Vehicle One: A blue and white, 1995 Toyota Celica, two-door sedan, Florida tag VCT24F, registered to Robert E. Garcia of 15672 83rd Avenue South, Miami, Florida. Passenger is Mrs. Sondra Garcia of the same address.

2.  Vehicle Two: A silver 1993 Mercedes Benz 450SEL, four door Sedan, Florida tag GHK90L, registered to Michael T. Green of9832 East Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, Florida.

3. Vehicle Three: A solid black 1995 GMC pickup, Georgia tag 23VT1567, registered to Samuel A. Newman of7638 Candor Road South, Apt.#435, Atlanta, Georgia. The passenger is Thomas E. Newman, same address.

Moments later the two ambulances arrive, one from Mercy Hospital and the other from Bayside Hospital. The two injured persons from vehicle one are placed in the ambulance from Mercy, while the remaining injured are placed in Bayside Hospital's ambulance.

According to witness statements involved in the accident and two impartial driver witnesses, the accident occurred when vehicle one made an unsafe lane change, causing vehicle two to swerve into vehicle three and then bouncing off back into the path of vehicle one.