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Promotional Assessments

An Assessment Center must meet the following requirements:

  • Multiple assessment techniques must be used

  • One must be a simulation/exercise designed to elicit behaviors related to job performance

  • Multiple assessors must be used and be trained in the assessment techniques and criteria

  • Assessments are based on the information obtained from the simulations by the assessors

  • Assessors must complete the final evaluation after observing all simulations

  • Simulations must measure a variety of predetermined behaviors and personality traits and must demonstrate reliability and validity

  • Actual job behaviors as determined by a job task analysis must be utilized and evaluated

  • Simulations must be designed to produce information needed to assess behaviors and traits

Dr. Jorey L Krawczyn Promotional Assessment Services

For over 25 years Dr. Krawczyn has constructed hundreds of promotional assessment center exercises for every rank from Corporal to Chief of Police. Each exercise was built from that specific rank's job task analysis, assigning criticality and frequency while correlating to knowledge, skills and abilities. Dr. Krawczyn validated each instrument and the scoring mechanisms to the specific rank, trained the assessors, proctored the process, scored and interpreted the results.

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Defendable & Compliant

We will construct and validate a legally defendable Job Task Analysis to design and write an employment exam or promotional assessment center for all law enforcement positions and ranks in accordance with EEOC, ADA and the Uniform Guidelines in Employee Selection. We can also comply with civil service regulations, bargaining units, professional associations and unions.

Validity & Reliability

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Statistically Constructed

Validity involves methods or instruments which result in accurate findings. Validity consists of four subsections; face validity, criterion related validity, construct validity and content validity. Reliability, or the degree to which a method or instrument measures some characteristic consistently. This is a necessary requirement for a selection test. If a test does not measure consistently, then it cannot be valid; thus, assessing the reliability of the test is crucial for accurate selection.

Training Assessors & Oral Boards

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Exceptional Training Expertise

We will provide training for the Members of the Oral Board and Promotional Assessor either through our on-line eLearning platform or on ground live lectures. Training ranges from 4 to 8 hours. We will provide scoring rubrics, behavioral dimension examples and all learning material for the Board Members and Assessors. Dr. Krawczyn can also be scheduled to proctor the entire process, score and prepare interpretive reports on each candidate.