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Police Consultant

The selection method in the employment process is the most important aspect of any viable personnel system. An organization’s effectiveness is directly linked to the quality of its personnel and this quality is, to a great extent, contingent upon the ability of adequately identifying individuals who will become superior performers. In current society, nowhere is this more prevalent than in the selection of law enforcement officers. In the final analysis, quality law enforcement relies not on technology, but rather on people.

Recruitment and Employment Screening of
Law Enforcement Officers

A New Policy Paradigm

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Recruiting Entry Level Law Enforcement Officers

Every law enforcement agency has a recruitment program.

Academies and Training

If you are an individual seeking to build a law enforcement career or an experienced officer exploring promotional opportunities, we can assist with career counseling and promotional consulting. We will alleviate all anxiety through proper preparation of the process.

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Career Consultant & Counseling

​We can assist any size law enforcement agency with the promotional process for ranks of Corporal through Chief of Police. Beginning with the Job Task Analysis and constructing valid and reliable on-line or on-ground assessment centers and oral boards. We can also train the assessors and oral board members, construct the questions, assessment criteria and scoring rubrics. Our qualified staff can proctor the process on-ground or on-line.

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